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Arrival is the metaverse event agency assisting companies with a global reach to extend their influence through the use of the metaverse.
Why Arrival
Dozens of entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts from across the globe are attending our events. We provide corporate event management as well as immersive shows and social activities for our attendees to network.
Our Services
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    User Onboarding
    Our team specializes in user onboarding and custom scene design can help you make the most of your virtual presence
  • 2
    3D Product Placement
    Experience the power of 3D product placement in the metaverse!
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    Shows & Networking
    We organize virtual shows for the networking part of the events
User Onboarding
We help integrate your current users into the metaverse and provide them with the necessary resources and instructions for doing so smoothly.
Decentraland event organised for Fuckup Nights Tbilisi
200+ attendees from 45 countries
3D Product Placement
Integrating your product into the virtual world of the Metaverse
Networking Party
Providing immersive and interactive experiences for your users.
Girls in WEB 3
New Year Eve Event
Event Types
Types of the metaverse events, we are focused on
  • Conferences

    large gathering of people with a common interest or industry to discuss relevant topics and share ideas
  • Seminars

    An educational event where attendees learn from a speaker or group of speakers on a specific topic
  • Workshops

    A more interactive event where attendees participate in activities and exercises to learn new skills or techniques
  • Trade Shows & Exhibitions

    An exhibition where businesses in a particular industry showcase their products and services
  • Symposiums

    A formal gathering where experts in a particular field discuss and debate current topics and trends
  • Product Launches

    An event to introduce and showcase a new product to potential customers, investors, and media
  • Networking Events

    An event where professionals gather to make new connections and build relationships
  • Training Sessions

    A session designed to teach specific skills or knowledge to attendees
Understanding The Metaverse
Our regular monthly event
Local media coverage about our events
  • Forbes
    Local Forbes about our hybrid event in National Parliamentary Library of Georgia
  • Entrepreneur
    Local Entrepreneur about our first metaverse event
  • BM.GE
    Local business media BM.GE about us
Media Partners

Q: What is Arrival, and what services do you offer?

A: Arrival is a metaverse event-planning agency specializing in creating immersive virtual reality experiences for events such as conferences, corporate or private events, networking events, team-building events, etc. Our services include custom scene design, 3D product placement, virtual shows, hybrid conferences, and production management.

Q: What makes Arrival different from other event-planning companies?

A: Arrival is one of the few companies specializing in planning and producing events within virtual reality environments. Our team has extensive experience in event planning and virtual reality, allowing us to create truly immersive and engaging experiences for our clients.

Q: Which metaverse Arrival uses to host an event?

A: Currently, Arrival can host events in Decentraland and Spatial.

Q: Can attendees interact with each other in the virtual event?

A: Yes, attendees can interact with each other in real time during the event, just like they would in a physical event. This includes the ability to network, collaborate, and participate in interactive activities.

Q: How much does it cost to hire Arrival for an event?

A: The cost of hiring Arrival for an event will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the event. We offer customized quotes for each project and work with our clients to create a budget that fits their needs.

Q: How long does it take to plan and produce a virtual reality event?

A: The time required to plan and produce a virtual reality event will depend on the size and complexity of the event. Typically, we recommend starting the planning process at least 2-3 months in advance to ensure that we have enough time to create a high-quality, engaging experience for our clients.

Q: Do you offer any support after the event?

A: Yes, we provide post-event support to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their experience. This includes help with data analysis, attendee feedback, and follow-up needs.

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